FSB welcomes ventilation help

Press Releases 28 Sep 2021

FSB Scotland responds to the First Minister's latest Covid-19 update.

The Scottish Government has pledged £25m to help smaller Scottish businesses improve their ventilation systems. In addition, further details have been released about the implementation of a vaccine certification system.  

Andrew McRae, FSB’s Scotland policy chair, said: “As the weather gets colder, it is becoming more impractical not to mention expensive for smaller firms to keep doors and windows open. Therefore, we warmly welcome new grant funding to help smaller Scottish businesses improve their ventilation, which will help them keep their staff and customers safe.” 

On vaccine certificates, Andrew McRae said: “With vaccine passports set to become a reality, it is up to Ministers to ensure the system they devise is workable. We can’t see a single local business facing unreliable technology or burdensome paperwork.”