FSB Volunteer Conference and Awards 2020

News 7 Feb 2020

More than 200 FSB volunteers from across the UK came together in London on 4 and 5 February 2020 for a conference to celebrate their contribution as well as to network and share best practice.

As a grassroots campaigning organisation, FSB’s member volunteers are at the organisation’s heart - ensuring the voice of small businesses is heard by governments at all levels and by other decision makers.

Volunteers and FSB staff enjoyed sessions, workshops and presentations which covered everything from one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses - late payments - to business rates, infrastructure and how to engage audiences on social media and in real life - at successful networking events.

Former Small Business Minister Margot James was among the panellists joining FSB Policy and Advocacy Chair Martin McTague for a discussion on FSB’s policy and lobbying work, where members had the opportunity to ask questions.

National Chairman Mike Cherry announced the winners of the volunteer awards 2020. These recognise the special projects and initiatives that volunteers and area volunteer teams have made over the past year.

The winners announced were:

Commercial Award: FSB Shropshire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire Area Volunteer Team

Event Award: Greater London Region Volunteer Team

Policy and Advocacy Award: North West Region and Greater London Region Volunteer Teams

Project Award: Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland Area Volunteer Team

Region/Nation Award: South West Region Volunteer Team

Special Contribution Award: Clare Elsby

Special Award: Sue Terpilowski

FSB National Chairman Mike Cherry said:

“Thank you to all who volunteer their time and effort to help ensure that smaller businesses in the UK have the best support and are heard by the local government and politicians on important issues. They do all this alongside running her own busy business - not always easy.”

“It’s only through dedicated FSB volunteers, at the UK’s grassroots, that the small business voice can be harnessed and heard as we step into an exciting – yet challenging – new decade. My personal thank you to all the volunteers who do so much.”

Clare Elsby, who volunteers in FSB’s Northamptonshire area was awarded Special Contribution FSB Volunteer Award, said:

“This has come as a complete surprise! I’ve no idea who nominated me for this award – but I thank them wholeheartedly, and thank you to Mike Cherry and everyone at FSB for continuing to drive the small business agenda and for bringing people like me together to play a part in that.”

“A shout out to all the incredible small businesses in Northamptonshire who help make our region more vibrant and prosperous – together we are stronger!”

About the FSB Volunteer Awards

FSB is non-party political and not-for-profit, with a presence across 12 English regions and UK devolved nations, as well as in Westminster.

As a democratic organisation, FSB offers its members opportunities to get involved with its campaigning activities through standing in its local and national volunteer elections. These volunteers, all small business owners themselves, undertake activities, guided by a team of specialist FSB staff, to help small businesses achieve their ambitions.

These activities, which fit around volunteers’ own business commitments, can include engaging with MPs, local government, schools and colleges and others in the community, and helping to run events and roundtables for business owners.

Since 2018, FSB has recognised this contribution made by its local volunteers with the annual FSB Volunteer Awards.

Find out more at fsb.org.uk/volunteer