FSB Cyber Protection: A day at the breach

Blogs 26 Nov 2020

When a software breach caused chaos for an FSB member FSB Cyber Protection were on hand to step in

What happened?

An FSB member contacted us as their site was found to have been breached by a Magneto exploit, and they were looking for advice and assistance on next steps.

What did FSB Cyber Protection do?

We advised the individual that they should ensure that they have updated all pieces of software to the latest versions. Latest versions of software often have patches for known vulnerabilities and exploits.

They were also provided with a link which enabled them to check which versions of Magneto have vulnerabilities. This allowed them to compare versions and make sure that the version they were using had been upgraded and was secure.

Additionally, we advised the individual on the benefits of performing a penetration test or vulnerability scan on the site. This could both ensure that the security on the site was adequate, as well as helping to find any exploits the site may still be vulnerable to.

What was the outcome?

We provided the individual with the advice and expertise necessary to both deal with the exploit in the immediate aftermath, as well as providing them with longer term solutions to mitigate similar breaches occurring in the future.

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