Find your social media edge

Webinar 5 Apr 2022

Learn how you can ignite your business social media presence to inspire engagement from their ideal clients.

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For most business owners there comes a point of no return. A pivotal moment when you realise you can no longer function at the same level as you were first starting out. Why? Because the number of different hats you’re wearing while running your business seems to be growing exponentially by the day, your attention is being pulled in a million competing directions, and the demands of awaiting online markets and audiences await on a range of fast-moving platforms.

In this webinar, social media marketer, mentor and influencer marketing expert, Karina Scott from Girl About Social, will inspire you to approach social media in a smarter, more efficient way. She'll tell you how to transform your social media activity from a source of guilt, frustration and overwhelm, to a place of excitement, potential and growth and ignite your social media presence to inspire engagement from your ideal clients.