Entrepreneurs highlight how retirement no longer means giving up work

Local News 30 Mar 2022

Thank you to the team at FSB for their brilliant organisation and support in hosting and sponsoring this important debate

For 2022 FSB North Yorkshire have launched a series of Lunch’n’Learn online networking & support events. Taking place on the last Monday of each month, the events aim to bring interesting presentations, essential updates and valuable networking to as wide an audience as possible. We want to share successes, challenges and news from across the area.

In March we were joined by established FSB Members, David Harper & Joanne Thompson from Harper 360, a coaching & development consultancy based in York. Their presentation was entitled ‘The Great Retirement’.

The term Retirement has already been redefined since the days of our parents but the pandemic has stimulated a further change – Retirement and resignation no longer means “giving up work”, but finding “a different work”.

Joanne and David are two company owners who gave up long careers in corporate life to form their own coaching and development businesses. They shared with us the highs and lows of leaving corporate life and how they both yearned for employers who could offer a different type of ‘gig’ for workers in the “insightful years” of their careers, at whatever age, but particularly in the over 50s.

Their presentation was enthusiastically received by an engaged audience, many of whose own experiences resonated with David and Joanne’s. A lively Q&A and discussion session followed and it was clear that the presentation had inspired considerable thought amongst the attendees, with points ranging from “retirement is a completely redundant word in 2022” to the rapid nature of both communication and changing employer and staff needs. Some expert points followed, in avoiding discrimination and accepting all ages can be part of this discussion, with back up from FSB’s employment advice and protection which is a built in member benefit.  The discussion concluded that everything comes down to purpose, values and attitude – which we know the self employed and small business owners have in abundance!

David Harper (pictured) commented “It was really refreshing, and a bit cathartic to be honest, to hear FSB members playing back their own frustrations with the limitations of the employment market for experienced professionals in the ‘insightful years’ of their careers – “why do I still have to prove to employers that I’m a self-starter, highly motivated and reliable individual – I did that when building a career in my 20s!” was one such commented which really resonated with myself and Joanne.  We feel sure this is only the start of the debate and thank you to the team at FSB for their brilliant organisation and support in hosting and sponsoring this important debate.”

FSB North Yorkshire Lunch and learn will take a break in April to join the FSB’s national BIG Spring networking event, and return in May with guest speaker Duncan Lewis from Eaglei with the topic “Speak Out"

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