Meet the member: Elizabeth Wilkinson, The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant

FSB Member Story 15 Feb 2021

We spoke to Elizabeth about her FSB membership and how after ten years it still has a surprise in store.

Elizabeth Wilkinson is the founder of The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant and has been an FSB member for over a decade. We spoke to Elizabeth about her experience with FSB Insurance Service and why she believes FSB membership is a ‘must-have if you’re in business’.

Watch Elizabeth's story or read the full transcript below. 

What was your experience like with FSB Insurance Service?

I had come to FSB a couple of times to see whether it was cheaper, and it wasn’t. During the first lockdown, I spoke to Paul who was very good and took the time to explain everything to me. He asked me questions about the insurance I already had and there was no hard sell, he was just making sure I had the right cover. He took the time to explain anything I didn’t understand and what the difference was – I don’t work in insurance so I don’t know what these things mean. As a business owner, you need that information.

Whilst the cover was slightly more expensive with FSB, it was actually far more comprehensive and gave me the answers to my questions. I sleep even better now knowing that I’ve got the cover that I need. And for the things that I do, or want to do, I know I have the cover available.

I need Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance for what I do, and it was so well explained. It just made sense. The biggest thing for me is that there is one pot of money per claim and I know that money is there if I need it.

I know I had put all the right contingencies in place to cover myself professionally, but you never know, someone might decide they want to pick a fight and I know I’ve got that support. You know that you’ve got that support with FSB anyway, but this is professional.

Would you recommend FSB Insurance Service to other small businesses?

I always have done, but now I can hand on heart say that you need to check it out. In fact, a good friend of mine is already going to get in touch for a quote.

How has your FSB membership helped you?

I used to be on the Shropshire committee, which is why I’m such a big fan of FSB. I’ve seen first hand the effort, dedication and care that goes into FSB. As for the benefits that are available, I am very aware that I don’t even scratch the surface of what’s available. Anybody I meet that is going into business, I say to them if nothing else you should join FSB. It’s affordable and a must-have if you’re in business.

How has FSB supported your business during COVID-19?

The support during COVID-19 has been exceptional. FSB has been great, from meetings online to the documentation that people need that they can adapt, there’s so much. The ongoing support has been amazing, but then I wouldn’t expect any less to be honest. That’s just the standard that FSB has. Back in the very beginning of lockdown, the Facebook group was open to people who weren’t members. A great marketing tool, but I know that it won’t have been done just for that – it was to show everyone that they’re here. 


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