Meet the member: Dan Worsley, Worsleywear and GC Sports Association CIC

FSB Member Story 16 Feb 2021

We caught up with Dan about how he’s using his FSB membership and why he thinks ‘every small business should be a member’

I think it’s a no brainer for all businesses to become a member given the services FSB provides. It’s incredibly good value for money.

Dan Worsley is a partner at Worsleywear, an online clothing retailer, director of GC Sports Association CIC, and a proud FSB member. 
How did you find out about FSB and why did you decide to join?

It was my landlord who suggested I should join, as he was already a member and said FSB had been brilliant whenever he had a problem. So, I enquired, met with a membership advisor who explained everything to me, and decided to join.

I can't express strongly enough how glad I am that I joined FSB.  It’s the best thing I have ever done as a business and I think every small business should be a member, otherwise they’re missing out on the protection, information and everything else that’s available.

If you’re not a member, don’t thinking twice about joining - you’ll definitely make use of it sooner rather than later.

How has your FSB membership impacted your business?

I also have more than one business, so it’s good to know that my membership covers me with other small businesses, not just one. It’s affordable and money well spent.

I was sceptical about paying a membership fee and not really getting anything out of it, but the value I have received over the last few years since joining has been much, much, greater than I had anticipated. I think it’s a no brainer for all businesses to become a member given the services FSB provides. It’s incredibly good value for money.

The constant flow of information, newsletters, webinars and meetings is beyond belief.  I attended the recent webinar on the Supreme Court’s Business Interruption Insurance Ruling which was incredibly useful and answered my questions.

Tell us about an FSB benefit you’ve used and how it’s helped you.

I have saved thousands in legal costs. Within 12 months of joining, I used the FSB Legal Protection Scheme and was able to access defence in an unfair dismissal case.

I made one phone call and from there FSB held my hand every step of the way to ensure I didn’t make any wrong moves. Even though I won, the expenses are still high with an employment tribunal, so having the insurance protection was excellent. My case was complex but I had guidance throughout.

Just one intervention by FSB as in my case with the unfair dismissal claim saved me £20,000 and more than covers the subscription I will pay throughout my business life, and that’s only a small part of what FSB does.


Legal expenses insurance that doesn’t break the bank

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