Content ideas for your business Twitter feed

Blogs 8 Jun 2020

Twiddling your thumbs about what to tweet? Here are three ideas to get you started

Managing social media accounts for your business, especially more than one, can be quite a daunting thought. This goes double for those who have never actually used social media before. Whether you already have a Twitter account or are looking to set one up for your business, this blog contains ideas to help you fill your feed.

In 2017, Twitter officially expanded the character allowance of Tweets from 140 to 280, giving people more freedom with what they post in each Tweet, whilst there still being some sort of limit.

The majority of Twitter business accounts share a large array of content including product promotions, data insights, online contests and humorous content.


The most common reason people use Twitter is to keep up with current and breaking news.

Data from the American Press Institute

This makes it a great platform for sharing current and relevant content to your followers such as industry news, and product or company news.

Stafflex used their channel to announce the news they had been shortlisted for the FSB Awards.

Blogs and videos 

Similarly to Facebook, sharing links to blogs and videos on Twitter has a high success rate, increasing your readership and engagement. These kinds of posts are highly shareable (or re-tweetable) pieces of content.

Bear in mind, the maximum length of videos directly uploaded to Twitter is 140 seconds (2 minutes 20 seconds).

The Bookseller uses Twitter to draw attention to the blogs on their site, highlighting relevant blogs.


Twitter is one of the few social media platforms where GIFs are very popular. If you have created GIFs for your blog posts or product launches, this is a great channel to post them on. (You can also search for and share popular “reaction gifs” within the Twitter interface.)

While closed during the COVID-19 pandemic Vue cinemas used movie gifs to provide light relief

UK fitness magazine Men’s Health make use of gifs to illustrate yoga poses 

Tip: You can use tools such as Canva, Ezgif and Giphy to create GIFs for social media

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