Commercial insurance: navigating uncertainty for small businesses

Webinar 22 Feb 2022

Practical tips and insights on claiming on and obtaining insurance for your business from industry experts.

With reports of a hardening insurance market including, premium increases, challenges in making claims and obtaining insurance, there are many challenges businesses have experienced over the past year>

In this webinar aims our panel explore some of these issues and their impacts. The event shares preliminary findings of FSB’s recent research on insurance including our members’ experiences as well as some of our policy thinking.

Your panel: 

David Perry: MD of FSB Insurance Service, the FSB’s appointed Insurance Advisor since 2018 since then nearly 50,000 members have registered for this right-of-membership benefit.

Angus Tucker: MD of Lorega Solutions Ltd – Providing professional claims services and assistance, acting on behalf of policyholders: a company which has been working with FSB members on large or complex claims for 25 years.

Kristina Grinkina: Policy Advisor at the Federation of Small Businesses.