Business Pressure Forces Executive Action

Press Releases 18 Mar 2020

Roger Pollen calls for grant funding to reach businesses as soon as possible

FSB NI Head of External Affairs, Roger Pollen has welcomed the announcement by the Northern Ireland Executive of a grant scheme for NI businesses to assist with cash flow issues arising from the Coronavirus, though noted more assistance will be needed in the time ahead.

Commenting, Roger Pollen, said:

“In recent days, businesses in Northern Ireland have been frustrated as a range of comprehensive measures were brought forward in other jurisdictions to support businesses, which haven’t been replicated for them here. Businesses have gone bust while inaction has gripped Stormont so, at last, this move will bring welcome relief for those for whom it’s not too late.

“The challenges facing businesses, as behaviours change in light of the Coronavirus, are the same across the UK and Ireland, so we therefore welcome the grant schemes which have put in place, allowing businesses to access grants of up to £25,000.

“However, now that the decision has been taken to commit the funds to support our businesses, it is crucial that absolutely no time is wasted in designing the means to get it to where it is needed as, with every day that passes, the sustainability of many businesses is being threatened by severe cash flow issues. This is not ‘job done’; it is merely a first step in providing the assistance that will be needed in unprecedented ways in the coming days, weeks and months.”