Achieve a healthy work-life balance as a business owner

Webinar 7 Jul 2021

Looking after your most important business asset... you

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This webinar brings together speakers from various aspects of wellbeing to help busy business owners to achieve a healthy work/life balance. 

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Strategies to help you get better quality sleep  
  • Alternative therapies to help you manage stress and overcome negativity 
  • The importance of physical activity to your overall wellbeing  
  • Support that you can access as a business owner to ensure that you look after your number one business asset… you

Our speakers:

Sleep Expert and ex Biomedical Scientist – Marian Timms talks about how important sleep is for our physical and mental health.   
Marian understands that many people are struggling with sleep, and that common-sense tips are sometimes all that is needed. Typically working with business professionals who struggle with aspects of sleep, she helps them pinpoint, resolve and optimise their sleep to wake refreshed, focused and raring to go. Sometimes, it's someone in their household affecting their sleep and impacting their day. Marion’s work is online and face to face depending on geographic location and she has helped clients as far afield as Australia and the US. Having had tremendous success working with all ages, she uses a combination of unique approaches to get you on your way to sleep better, to feel better to live better. 

Physiotherapist Natalie March of Physio-Logical shares advice and exercises to reduce pain when working.  
Are you sitting comfortably?  Are you getting pain at work or when working from home?   Physio-logical pride themselves on listening and working with you and your teams, offering expert hands-on Physiotherapy treatments to enable you to live a pain free lifestyle and restore, maintain and enhance your wellbeing and physical activity.  

NLP Practitoner and Mental Health First Aider Paul Hill, shares tips on how to release yourself from negativity and move forward with positivity. 
Paul has helped adults and children. He has worked with people struggling with; low self-esteem, poor self-confidence, chronic health problems, stress, depression, loss of professional confidence, bereavement, chronic pain, addictions, eating disorders and so much more.  Paul’s clients’ share a common belief that they ‘can’t’. They can’t achieve their goals, they can’t overcome their illness or fear, they can’t maintain a positive mindset, they can’t change how they feel.    

Christine Husbands from FSB Care explains about free support for business owners 
Christine is the Managing Director of FSB’s health and wellbeing service FSB Care.  This service is available free of charge within FSB membership.

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