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FSB Greater London Manifesto for the 2016–2020 London Mayor and London Assembly

The Manifesto aims to focus on 4 key areas that impact on the London micro and small business sector: 

  • Lowering the cost of doing business in the capital 
  • Making London a driver of growth across the UK 
  • Investing in the infrastructure to meet business needs 
  • Helping London be a leading environment in which to do business

Our members have made it very clear that there are many things they expect the next Mayor of London to focus on from day one after the election. Over half (56%) say that property costs require urgent reform. The spiralling cost of these two items is a significant barrier to growth and we are starting to see a ‘flight from the centre’ of established independent small businesses – exactly the type of business that makes London such as special place and tourists seek out. It is not just a matter of relocating to cheaper premises; higher costs ultimately lead to lower (or non-existent) growth, less investment in the business, fewer jobs, difficulties retaining good staff and general uncertainty for the small business owner.

Micro and small businesses – whether long established or just starting out – are a vital part of the London scene. Not just as drivers for growth, but as the glue that holds communities together. This is as relevant in central London as it is in our outer boroughs. 

We encourage policymakers and practitioners and businesses to read the manifesto – to begin the debate and say proudly #ibacksmallbusiness

Sue Terpilowski OBE
London  Policy Chairman
Federation of Small Businesses

FSB Greater London Manifesto for the 2016–2020 London Mayor and London Assembly

To download the Full Manifesto please click here


1 Figures quoted for
businesses with 0–49 employees.