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15 October 2015

We must not ignore online crime, says FSB

FSB Comment Issue date:
Thursday 15 October 2015
We must not ignore online crime, says FSB
Commenting on the Crime Survey for England and Wales released by the Office for
National Statistics (ONS) today, which include cyber crime for the first time, John Allan, National Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “The ONS is right to now include cyber crime and more accurately recorded fraud in crime statistics. Cyber crime and fraud - especially cyber enabled fraud - are serious threats to small businesses as well as households.

The cost can act as a barrier to growth and in the worst cases, put entrepreneurs out of business. “Small firms rely more and more on online means to attract customers, sell products and run their businesses, and the threat of online crime needs particular attention. However, we are disappointed that the new statistics only focus on households rather than businesses, and so do not reveal the economic impact. We urge the ONS to rectify this, so that policymakers have an accurate picture and can then take the right policy actions.

“There needs to be clear and coordinated action from the Government, Police and Crime Commissioners, the police and the wider public and private sector. We urge candidates for Police and Crime Commissioners to address business crime as they stand for election over the next six months. Small businesses have a role to play too; we would encourage them to look at the ‘10 top tips’ we have developed to increase online security and ensure they have these simple measures in place.”

View the PDF version of 'We must not ignore online crime, says FSB' here.