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18 July 2012

Statement on Labour Market Statistics 2012

Reference number: PR18072012

Federation of Small Businesses

Statement on Labour Market Statistics

18 July 2012

Janet Jones, FSB Wales'' Welsh Policy Unit Chair, said:

"Unemployment is key to judging the success or failure of the Welsh economy to recover from the recession. Unfortunately, today''s statistics, showing a further 2,000 unemployed, provide more uncomfortable reading for Wales, particularly in comparison to the UK as a whole.

"Small businesses want to operate in a confident and competitive economy. We know that many are innovating and targeting growth, but they can''t do it on their own. It is for the Welsh and UK Governments to ensure that they are supported to fulfil their potential and employ more people.

"Of course there are some decisions that fall beyond the Welsh Government''s control; however the recent announcement on rail electrification has shown that, collectively, the Welsh and UK Governments can take bold decisions to advance the Welsh economy.

"As the Assembly term draws to a close, we reiterate our calls to the Welsh Government to do everything it can to nurture a positive business environment, capitalising on decisions such as rail electrification to provide the support small businesses in Wales so badly need."