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14 August 2019

Small business misery as rail fares set to rise again

Responding to the latest inflation statistics, including confirmation of the Retail Prices Index figure, which means rail fares will increase by 2.8% in January 2020, Mike Cherry, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman, said:

“As it’s confirmed that rail fares will once again rise for passengers next year, it’s crucial that rail companies and the new Government make sure the money raised from these price hikes is being used to make improvements to their journeys. The independent Williams Review into Rail is due to announce its White Paper ‘in the autumn’, which must deliver on a simpler, better-value fares system.

“It’s particularly infuriating that fares continue to rise, while often passengers are left unsatisfied with the services they receive.

“Delays and cancellations have a huge impact on passengers, including those running small firms that rely on the rail network to run their business. We need to see a punctual and reliable network with frequent services serving passengers, helping to nurture productivity.

“Every seat on every train should have plugs and good wifi – not least so small businesses can still get on with their work if stuck in endless delays.”