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29 September 2008

Regulation volumes too high, FSB warns

Reference number: PR/2008/58

FSB News release



Issue date: Monday September 29 2008

Regulation volumes too high, FSB warns

Dozens of new business regulations to be implemented this week will add to the unnecessary hours employers already spend dealing with government red tape, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), has warned.

While the FSB supports the concept of Common Commencement Dates, there is concern that the volume of new legislation to be released will overwhelm small businesses

New rules to be introduced this Wednesday (October 1st) include changes in payroll and health and safety among others.

FSB research shows that if firms had less administrative duties they could then involve themselves in increased community activity and concentrate more on employee training.

FSB National Chairman John Wright said:

“Businesses will be expected to tackle around 20 new regulations that are being put in place on Wednesday. This goes against government pledges to cut back on the amount of regulation.

“Having a Common Commencement Date goes some way to helping businesses prepare for new regulation but the volume of legislation is just getting too much. In these tough times it is important for small businesses to remain economically active rather than spending their time filling in forms to adapt to new rules.

“The impact and costs of new regulations affecting small businesses should be properly analysed and adapted accordingly.”