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10 December 2015

Political delay on Heathrow a brake on economic growth

Responding to news that the Ministers are to further delay their decision on expanding the UK’s overstretched airport capacity, John Allan, National Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses, said:

“Further delays to this decision sends a bad signal to British business and our international trading partners. Business want to see increased airport capacity and they wanted it yesterday, last year and well over a decade ago.

“The Government has already commissioned an independent, expert review of all the options available in which FSB members participated in good faith. The Airports Commission did its job and made a clear recommendation. Ministers should heed that recommendation as the way to end years of political dithering.

”We cannot continue to delay the big decisions on national infrastructure. It holds back the ambitions of the country, and puts us in a poor light internationally. Airport expansion, new roads, broadband infrastructure, and improved regional and national transport links are vital to our future economic growth and wellbeing.  Continuing failure to take these decisions will harm business across the UK.”