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27 July 2017

Phased immigration system to ease burden on small businesses

Responding to today’s letter from the Home Secretary to the chair of the Migration Advisory Committee, Mike Cherry, National Chairman at the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), said: “Today’s commitment to a phased introduction to a new immigration system will be welcomed by many small businesses as a sign of much needed stability.

“A transitional period, after we leave the EU, is a sensible approach and will avoid any sudden cliff edge where small firms will be locked out of accessing the labour and skills they need. A sufficient transitional period would provide smaller firms with enough time to prepare for any incoming immigration system.

"Skills and labour from the EU play an important role in many small businesses, with one in five small employers having EU workers. It is vital for the growth and survival of smaller firms that the new system is easy to navigate and affordable. The Migration Advisory Committee needs to engage with the small business community and FSB to address the concerns of small employers and the self-employed.”