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24 May 2019

Pharma packaging business named as one of UK’s top small businesses

Innovative pharmaceutical packaging company Pharma Packaging Systems Ltd. won the Business Product and Innovation Award at the 23 May event in London. The company, established in 2002 and based in Worcestershire, specialises in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical tablet counting machinery. It has successfully designed and exported machines to Europe, Russia, North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East. The FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards recognise the best small businesses in the UK.

Judges recognised the innovative pedigree of the business and its development of the ‘SachetCount’ machine. This machine allows customers to count multiple products into sachets, such as tablet or multivitamins, at high speed. This is used often in nutritional applications to create a daily cocktail of multi vitamins. The ‘SachetCount’ machine can package 300 individual sachets per minute with flexibility of allowing any product mix the customers might require, without any special format parts.

FSB National Chairman Mike Cherry said: “This is an example of a small business at the cutting edge of technology creating an innovative product that is helping people all across the world. It is businesses like this that contribute so much to the local and wider economy driving innovation, creating jobs and stimulating growth. It is right that we all recognise this contribution.”

In 2018 Pharma’s turnover exceeded £4 million, 25 per cent of which was from SachetCount sales. Orders for this product doubled from 2017 and are set to do so again this year with 2018 sales already beaten in January 2019. 

The success of Pharma Packaging Systems hasn’t gone unnoticed by the big players in the pharmaceutical industry with the business now working with global companies including Glaxo Smith Klein, Abbott and Johnson & Johnson.

Andrew Kennedy, Director, Pharma Packaging Systems Ltd, said: “It’s great to be taking home the Business & Product Innovation Award. It is recognition of the hard work and dedication of the Pharma team! I truly believe that our products are not just an innovation for our business but the whole market. It saves time, is cost-effective and sustainable. We look forward to continuing to showcasing our products to new and exciting places across the world!”


Note to Editors

About small businesses in the UK
There are 5.6 million small businesses in the UK and these account for 99.3 per cent of all private sector businesses. The combined annual turnover of SMBs in 2018 was £2 trillion, 52 per cent of all private sector turnover. SMBs account for at least 99.5 per cent of the businesses in every main industry sector. There has been a significant increase in the economic contribution generated by women entrepreneurs over the last few years, according to a recent FSB report. Almost 40 per cent of the award finalists were businesses owned by women.

About the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards
More than 2,000 small businesses from across the UK and from almost every sector entered this year’s FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards and the UK final was held following area finals in each English region and devolved nation. The awards, run by the Federation of Small Businesses celebrate and recognise the UK’s small businesses and the self-employed.