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01 August 2012

FSB Wales and CARBS partner to deliver first small business concerns research

Reference number: PR00182012

Federation of Small Businesses

Press release

1 August 2012

A research project aimed at uncovering the concerns of the business community in Wales and their resonance with the Welsh Government's priority sector approach has been announced today.

The research - commissioned by FSB Wales and led by Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University - will look at how closely aligned the sector panel policy is with the challenges facing SMEs across Wales.

It will give a full breakdown of the issues facing businesses in each sector, analyse whether they are cross-cutting in nature and look at the extent to which they align with the themes emerging from the Welsh Government's sector panels.

It''s the first study of its kind in Wales since the Government announced its sectoral approach, which singles out the priority sectors of the Welsh economy at which it is focusing its efforts.

Welsh Policy Unit Chair for the Federation of Small Businesses, Janet Jones, said: "We''re delighted to announce a formal partnership between FSB Wales and Cardiff Business School to deliver this crucial piece of research.

"It's vital that the concerns of small businesses are embedded into the thinking of the sector panels and this research will ensure we're at the forefront in providing this intelligence.

"The FSB had its concerns about the sectoral approach but this research will enable us to hold the sector panels to account if they have missed the mark and support the Welsh Government if the research shows that the sectoral approach is addressing genuine business need.

"Our call now is for businesses to get involved in the study to have their say. It is business-owners who are the risk takers and the job creators and it is their experiences that should be at the forefront of decision-making in Wales."

Dr Andrew Crawley, Cardiff Business School, said: "As one of the leading business and management school in the UK, Cardiff Business School is well-placed to partner with FSB Wales to deliver on this agenda, which will provide crucial insight into the specific challenges facing businesses in Wales, across sectors.

"The goal of this research is twofold. Firstly it will investigate what the needs of SMEs operating in Wales are today, and secondly the factors affecting SMEs in different sectors.

"With the economy of Wales vastly dominated by small and medium size firms it is integral to future growth to understand the needs of this group."

The survey can be accessed at: