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06 May 2016

FSB urges newly elected PCCs to prioritise tackling business crime

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is congratulating those Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) elected today in 33 regions across England and Wales.

FSB is also urging both those serving second terms and those newly appointed to the role to put tackling business crime at the heart of their local policing plans.

FSB research shows that nearly a quarter of smaller business owners (24%) do not report any crimes committed against their business. When asked why, most said they felt they would not see a positive outcome (46%).

This highlights an ongoing lack of confidence in the police’s ability to deal with business crime and it is important that PCCs urgently address this issue. Business crime acts as a barrier to growth for the UK’s 5.4 million small businesses and in the worst cases, puts entrepreneurs out of business.

Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairman, said:

“With the average cost of crime to a business now at £5,898, and instances of cyber crime on the rise, there is a real necessity to get a handle on this.

“Our policing manifesto
‘Tackling business crime: FSB manifesto’ is a good place for all PCCs to start. We would encourage PCCs to make contact with their local business community through the FSB and work towards forging a better relationship between police and businesses once and for all.”