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07 December 2015

FSB responds to 2020 apprenticeship vision

Commenting on the publication of the Government’s 2020 vision for apprenticeships, John Allan, National Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses, said:

Successful businesses spend money on training and recognise that high quality apprenticeships are a smart investment. To feel confident in that outlay, businesses must have trust in the apprenticeship framework.

“The five year plan published today (Monday) will help build trust in the apprenticeship system by giving business owners a clear idea of what Ministers are trying to achieve and how they plan to get there. It plainly outlines the aim to create high quality apprenticeships which deliver the skills, knowledge and behaviours employers need.

“The renewed commitment to quality and helping smaller business more easily engage with the apprenticeship system is particularly welcome. If a business has a positive experience when taking on their first apprentice they are much more likely to take on another in the future.

“The Government is also right to extend the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers for 16-24 year olds. Many business owners worry about the productivity of apprentices. The additional financial support provided by the AGE Grant offers a way of easing those concerns and incentivising small employers to take on an apprentice.”