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14 October 2015

FSB reacts to new EU trade focus on small business

FSB Comment

Issue date: Wednesday 14 October 2015

FSB reacts to new EU trade focus on small business

Commenting on the European Commission’s publication of a new trade strategy, John
Allan, National Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses, said:
“Today we welcome the European Commission’s new trade strategy which includes a dedicated focus on small businesses (‘More attention to small business’). As the FSB has consistently argued, the ‘think small first’ principle must drive this strategy.
This will help ensure small businesses have the tailored support and guidance they need to export and take full advantage of EU free trade agreements (FTA).

“After calling for this measure for some time, we are pleased the proposal includes a provision for small and medium sized enterprises in all new EU trade agreements.
We encourage the EU negotiators to push for inclusion of a small business chapter, which was an important precedent that started with the EU-US FTA (TTIP).

“Other encouraging measures include the proposals to work closer with member states to provide information and guidance to small businesses who may want to export, and a commitment to continually engage with both small businesses and organisations that
represent small businesses. It is also good to see a plan for dedicated websites with
support and advice to help small firms take advantage of access to these new foreign

“The FSB looks forward to working with Commissioner Malstrom and the European Commission to ensure this focus on small business continues, and to see the successful development and implementation of this trade strategy that leads to tangible results.”

View the PDF version of 'FSB reacts to new EU trade focus on small business' here.