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27 November 2014

FSB on Smith commission proposals

Reference number: SPUPR2711

The Smith commission has published its final report on strengthening Scottish devolution. Andy Willox, the Federation of Small Businesses' (FSB) Scottish policy convenor, said:

"In our submission to the Smith commission, the FSB expressed the view that we need to better connect the spending power of the Scottish Parliament with the health of the country's private sector. Today's proposals seek to bridge that gap.

"We know that our members' preferred course of action in the event of a No vote was a Scottish Parliament with more powers, and today's agreement certainly moves in that direction.

"No matter how the Scottish Parliament chooses to use new powers, we cannot see a new administrative burden fall on Scottish businesses, or firms who trade or employ north of the border. We must develop smart tax and regulatory systems which take the administrative sting out of any changes for the business community.