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30 June 2017

FSB on Scottish bottle deposit scheme proposals

Reference number: SPUR3006

The Scottish Government has asked Zero Waste Scotland to investigate a deposit scheme for bottles in Scotland.

Colin Borland, FSB’s head of devolved nations, said: “FSB has substantial concerns about how a deposit and return scheme would work for smaller retailers who don’t have the storage space of their larger competitors.

“Further, it isn’t clear to us how this system would interact with the existing domestic and non-domestic waste systems. Where would such a scheme leave the significant investment that has been made in comprehensive kerbside recycling in recent years?

“Aside from these practical worries, this is not the right time to be drawing up plans to increase small retailers’ costs and eat up more of their time with new regulations. With inflation on the increase, the high street under pressure and margins squeezed, you need to ask whether this really is the right priority to be pursuing.”