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11 July 2017

FSB in Scotland cautiously welcomes Taylor review

Reference number: SPUR1107

The Taylor Review has been cautiously welcomed by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Specifically, FSB welcomes the Taylor Review’s recommendation to crackdown on false self-employment through the creation of a new dependent contractor status.

The report also calls on the UK Government to encourage people who work for themselves to plan for their future, including for potential ill-health and eventual retirement. With more than 300,000 self-employed people north of the border, the Scottish Government and its agencies could have a role to play in this area, FSB suggests, alongside the ongoing contribution from membership organisations.

Andy Willox, the FSB’s Scottish policy convenor said: “Taylor’s sensible proposals try to strike a balance between a fair and a flexible labour market. For example, the outlined contractor status could bring protections to those unfairly treated in the gig economy, without burdening the genuinely self-employed. Ministers and MPs must now protect the genuinely self-employed from being dragged into this new category.”

Earlier this year, FSB launched new research mapping Scotland’s self-employment hotspots. The study showed that many of Scotland’s most prosperous and successful places have large numbers of people who work for themselves.

Andy Willox said: “FSB has long supported and championed those that have chosen to strike out on their own – through both campaign work and membership services. Governments in Edinburgh and London must recognise the contribution of the self-employed, while looking at new ways to ensure these people get the support they need.

“However, the tax system must continue to recognise the risks faced daily by the genuinely self-employed. There should be no attempt to single them out for tax hikes.”