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22 June 2017

FSB: Enterprise review right to focus on local economies and business

Reference number: SPUR2206

Today the Scottish Government has published a series of recommendations to reform the country’s enterprise and skills agencies.

Susan Love, the FSB’s Scottish policy manager, said: “It might seem like a statement of the obvious, but our enterprise and skills agencies must design their operations around the needs of the country’s business community. Today’s recommendations bring us a step closer to making that actually happen.”

The Scottish Government’s reports highlight the vital contribution that small firms make both economically and socially.

Susan Love, said: “It looks likely that the next few years will be economically tumultuous. That’s why we need nimble economic agencies, working hand in glove. With reports that firms are currently facing skills shortages – even before the UK leaves the EU – we need to see all of our education and skills institutions work to support the wider economy. Businesses in all sectors and all geographies should be able to look for help, no matter their ambitions or size.

“Further, FSB has warned that there’s a myriad of business-facing Scottish public sector websites competing for firms’ attention. We strongly endorse efforts to reduce duplication and we’re pleased Ministers have listened to us on this front. We want a single online portal for firms to do all of their business with devolved government. 

“The Scottish Government deserves credit for pursuing reform when the status quo would have been easier. While the review process was difficult and sometimes fraught– it looks to us like there’s much to be applauded. These good ideas now need careful and swift implementation.”