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28 September 2015

FSB Comment: Turning up the heat – FSB publishes guidance for businesses

FSB Comment

Embargoed: Friday 03 July 2015
Turning up the heat – FSB publishes guidance for businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) released (today) its guidance to help businesses overcome the challenges as temperatures reach record levels.

While the hot weather can be beneficial for many businesses’ profits, employers also have a duty to ensure that work temperatures are reasonable for staff, customers and clients.

There is no legal requirement for a maximum working temperature, but employers should adhere to health and safety laws that necessitate a comfortable working environment and the provision of clean and fresh air.

As the UK records some of its highest temperatures for a decade this is an ideal time for employers to explore the potential benefits of flexible working for their staff to minimise the hot weather’s impact.

Severe weather, such as temperatures significantly above the average, brings into focus the impact weather can have on businesses and their ability to trade. Recent FSB research suggests two thirds of our members have been negatively affected by severe weather in the last three years – costing on average £7000 for each small business affected.

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