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28 September 2015

FSB Comment: FSB welcomes review into supporting start - ups in disadvantaged communities

FSB Comment

Issues date: Tuesday 11 August 2015
FSB welcomes review into supporting start-ups in disadvantaged communities 

Leading entrepreneur and businesswomen, Michelle Mone OBE, has been appointed to conduct an independent review to encourage further business start-ups and entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities, including areas of high unemployment.

John Allan, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses said:
“This review should help to identify the barriers faced by entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities and we look forward to supporting Michelle Mone in her work to promote entrepreneurship and support the start-ups of the future.

“If the UK economy is to operate at its full potential we need to make sure all those with talent and vision are given the opportunity they need to succeed. We cannot afford to let good ideas go to waste nor allow personal background or circumstances to act as barriers to starting a business.

“FSB members know all about the challenges of starting and running a small business.
To help share our experience we have teamed up with charity Young Enterprise to help promote business-based education in six disadvantaged areas across the country.”

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