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26 October 2017

Engagement key to breaking silence of mental health in the workplace

Responding to today’s release of the Government’s ‘Thriving at Work’ Report, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chairman Mike Cherry, said: “Mental health is a huge challenge of our time, and small businesses and the self-employed are keen to work with Government and others to meet that challenge. The standards outlined in the report are reflective of many of the initiatives advocated by FSB during its wellbeing campaign last month. 

 “Today’s report is right to recognise the differences between big and small businesses and we welcome the efforts of the reviewers in attempting to understand the small business perspective. For business owners, owning and running a business brings with it different challenges and pressures that can impact an individual’s mental health.

 “Following today’s publication, we call on the Government to work together with small business and the self-employed on what can be done to ensure the mental health needs of business owners, employees and the self-employed can be met.

“There is a collective responsibility shared by Government, business owners, and each of us as individuals to work together to destigmatise mental health and create an open environment where we can all talk about and take care of each other’s mental health

“Although this review was focused on helping those in work, the Government must act to help get people suffering with a chronic mental health problem into work – particularly when the labour market is tight. The Government can show its commitment to truly full employment by delivering its manifesto commitment to incentivise employers to take on people, such as those with chronic mental health conditions, who have traditionally found it more difficult to access work.”