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14 March 2019

Clear and coherent plan needed for Article 50 extension

Speaking ahead of tonight’s vote on extending Article 50, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Mike Cherry said: “Extending Article 50 for a short time is a realistic way to safeguard against a damaging and disastrous no deal Brexit on 29 March.

“This should only happen though if Parliament has a clear and coherent plan to get us out of this mess. There is absolutely no point extending uncertainty if all we get is more dithering, debate and political games. We would only be avoiding a cliff edge on 29 March to then face another further down the road.

“As the Westminster shamble has played out, pragmatism has been in short supply. This is needed now more than ever. Wherever MPs fall on the political spectrum, small businesses need them to stop playing games and come together in a genuine show of unity to find a solution that protects businesses, communities and the economy.”