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02 September 2019

FSB Wales Blog: Business of the Month September 2019, Pinpoint Manufacturing

Pinpoint Manufacturing

Pinpoint Manufacturing was established in 2006 by Managing Director, Sandra, after she was asked to make a reinforced, industrial lifting bag, but discovered that there was no such thing currently in existence. Sandra decided to develop this product herself, and so the manufacturing business was born.

Pinpoint's lifting bags in use Pinpoint develops and manufactures heavy-duty commercial and industrial lifting bags. As well as their signature products, Pinpoint develops bespoke products for their large customer base. Their products can be used in any type of heavy industry and they regularly serve the construction, renewables, ports and offshore industries.

In 2008, the business moved to their current site in Penclawdd and began hiring what became a team of 14 members of staff. The team is predominantly female, and around half of the staff are EU nationals.

Pinpoint’s biggest clients are often in the renewable energy sector, and a large part of their turnover comes from exports to the EU. They have worked with Welsh Government to prepare their business for Brexit as a result. They also have exciting plans to expand their market to Canada and the USA, with the potential for establishing a production base in Canada.

Pinpoint has developed a strong brand recognition, particularly online, and has developed a reputation for quality products without the drawbacks of a 5 year shelf-life that many competitors encounter.

They are also currently working towards becoming even more environmentally friendly – this has involved the Pinpoint team looking at how they can both reduce waste within the production process, but also how they deal with waste at the end of this. They now donate offcut materials to local colleges, have bought all staff reusable plastic bottles in a bid to cut down on single-use plastic, and are looking to recycle even more of their waste.

General Manager, Steve, found that in working towards Green accreditation for the business they were already doing many of the things required of them and they have embraced the opportunity to upskill the business, particularly in light of a large part of their client base working within the renewable sector.

In the longer term, the Pinpoint Manufacturing team have their eyes on a base in Australia in order to expand into trading in that part of the world. These exciting new markets in different parts of the world are part of many new opportunities that the business looks forward to exploiting once they have navigated the uncertainty posed by an undefined Brexit in the coming months. Steve also hopes that they can also expand their Wales base in the future.

With a unique product and worldwide aspirations, Pinpoint Manufacturing is definitely a business to watch in coming years!