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23 August 2019

Boost your business by entering the FSB Wales Awards

A previous FSB Awards winner has highlighted how taking part in the awards in 2019 has boosted her business, and helped her attract new clients across Wales, as well as building team morale and raising their profile.

Victoria Roskams, Director of Enbarr Enterprises and 2019 winner of the FSB Wales Community Award, said:

“Due to the wonderful recognition of the FSB award for the community organisation it has boosted not only my own but also my teams’ profile and morale.

“We appreciate the extra visibility and focus for our business that being alongside other exemplars in this area has brought, and the resulting opportunities to create new connections, learn from best practice and allow us to benchmark and target new approaches for our less able clients.

“It has also given us a chance to thank all those less able people we have supported, as we have grown, and to thank them for trusting us to help and to celebrate the success achieved by so many of them to date – this in itself is recognition worth winning.

“To me, personally, FSB Community Award, supports our acceptance in a world that often “judges” based on historic bias and outdated thinking. People only realise when I ask them to draw me Disability, that it is not a Wheelchair or a white stick that defines me or many others. There are numerous “Hidden” challenges for people to overcome, and snap judgements about whether people look disabled are not helpful or appropriate.

“Since the awards and the highlighted work we do, I had a few more organisations both North and South Wales ask me to work with them on both their “Diversity and Inclusion” policies and procedures, and also their “Armed Forces Recruitment” strategy, as I was starting to change mindsets through to the extra exposure to show people what’s “STRONG” instead of what’s WRONG.”

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