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21 June 2018

How can music benefit your business?

On World Music Day (21 June), we explore how music can benefit your business and music shop why you need to be aware of licensing laws.

Music has the potential to enrich the atmosphere and create an environment that people enjoy. It can be as much a part of a business's identity as its visual branding and décor. Scientific research has demonstrated that music has a direct effect on the brain.

Savvy High Street business are aware that today’s consumers really want an experience when they interact with a brand that they can’t get online. Many high street retailers, cafes, hair salons are using the power of music to delight customers so that they have a positive experience, and return or recommend the business to others.

How many businesses use music when customers and clients are on hold on the telephone? If you’re one of them, it’s worthwhile choosing this music carefully. Some research has concluded that classical music can reduce tension in many people.

If you use, play or listen to recorded music in your business or organisation, the chances are you need a music licence from PPL PRS Ltd. This is a new joint venture between the UK's two music licensing organisations —PPL and PRS for Music.

Under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright holders – those people who create music – in order to play or perform music in public.

Obtaining a music licence gives you this permission, in relation to the vast majority of commercially available music. This ranges from grassroots and independent artists and composers through to the biggest names in the business.

It means you don’t have to spend your time and energy contacting potentially hundreds of thousands of rights holders individually to get permission to play or perform their music in your business.

Enjoy world music day – spend some time listening to some of your favourite tunes, or go on a musical adventure and discover some new music from around the world.

Visit the PPL PRS Ltd. website to find out more about The Music Licence.

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