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20 June 2018

Pride month: Celebrating diversity and inclusion

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LGBT+ Taskforce lead, Robert Lucas, blogs about Pride Month. 

I’m very excited to be joining the Federation of Small Businesses as the LGBT+ Lead on the FSB Diversity Taskforce during a month which brings the LGBT+ communities front and centre of businesses large and small around the world. I am a composer and business owner from London but am currently based in Edinburgh. My businesses focus on media production for companies and audiences, but it’s wonderful to be part of an organisation like the FSB which brings so many industries together for common causes.

Pride month is an incredibly vibrant and exciting time, however we need to remember that Pride is the party and not the hard work that goes into ensuring the party can continue each year. Diversity and inclusion in business has been under a major spotlight over the last few years and although we have made immense progress in a variety of areas there is still work to do in developing inclusive and diverse workplaces, partnerships, strategies and businesses. I’ve personally seen and heard a huge range of opinions on this topic so it’s great to be at the coalface of what I hope to be an inspiring and educational time.

People ask me whether organisations like the FSB need LGBT+ representation within them in an age where diversity looks like it’s as embedded into the very fibre of so many businesses. On the surface it can seem that way but while there are still people who feel they can’t disclose their sexuality at work (or can’t identify LGBT+ friendly employers in the first place) then I believe it absolutely does.

There are so many small businesses across the UK who have done, and continue to do, brilliant work on diversity and inclusivity, but there is always more progress to be made. It isn’t all about protecting individuals however, there’s a genuine power in supporting LGBT+ employees and creating truly inclusive environments in the workplace which ultimately benefits productivity.

I will be putting forward some initiatives over the coming months which I hope will benefit the FSB LGBT+ business community. If you have any ideas, suggestions or just want to reach out then please do! I want to shape our LGBT+ presence nationally and hope you’ll support me in that.

I hope you can find the time to celebrate Pride in your own way and have a wonderful  Pride month!