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02 May 2018

Could Blue Planet mean big changes for Scottish smaller businesses?

The BBC’s Blue Planet along with campaigning by the Daily Mail and Sky News have propelled the issue of plastic pollution to the top of the political agenda.

An ever growing list of everyday items such as straws, coffee stirrers, cotton buds, plastic bottles and coffee cups have all faced calls for bans, levies or deposits.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, big businesses have taken note and started to respond. 40 of some of the biggest UK companies have committed to a new UK Plastics Pact which signs them up to eliminating single-use packaging. Plastic Bottles

However, while a company like Coca-Cola has the resources to adapt their business models, is it as easy for smaller operators?

The Plastics Pact comes only a few weeks after UK Government Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced a deposit and return scheme targeting bottles and cans for England, with the Scottish Government having already committed to a similar scheme last year.

With changes therefore likely, we need to hear from you regarding how Scottish smaller firms can help to tackle waste.

  • Do you sell any plastic products? What responsibility should you have to dispose of them?


  • How do you manage your waste at the moment? How easy is it to find clear information about your rights and responsibilities?


  • How do your staff help you manage waste? How could they help you adapt to any new system? Would staff training be necessary?


  • How easy would it be for you to change your business to reduce the volume of plastic or packaging your business produces? How much would any changes cost?


  • How could your suppliers help you reduce your plastic waste and the waste of your customers?

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