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02 January 2018

FSB Wales Blog - The Number Hub

Marsha Ward of the number hub The Number Hub is an accountancy firm which aims to help new businesses to start up and grow and is based in Taffs Well, South Wales, which is run and was founded by Marsha Ward.

Marsha, having built a career in business to Board level, found that working for a large company made it difficult to balance childcare and working. She was motivated to ensure that other people wouldn’t have to struggle like she did while her children were young.


Marsha’s determination paid off, and her project was born as the Number Hub, an accountancy firm which started life in the Welsh ICE business incubation centre and now is based in Taffs Well, employing 8 members of staff.  This is a small business with big plans.

One of the many notable features of the business is that it is staffed entirely by women. Marsha credits this to the fact that The Number Hub offers flexible working, which includes part-time and full-time hours and home working, which is often attractive to women who need to balance caring responsibilities, although the business does not only target female employees. Rather it is a business practice to be fully committed to flexibility within the working environment.

The Number Hub has sought to be a very modern business, having recently invested in technology both to ensure that staff can effectively work from home, which also means clients have instant access to their reports – anytime, anyplace. Marsha believes this has led The Number Hub to be more agile and fleet-of-foot than some of their more traditional competitors.

Marsha and the Number Hub team are now passionate about supporting women in business, and particularly encouraging women into financial services.

Their plans for the future now involve opening a new site for The Number Hub and expanding the client base across Wales, before franchising the business, and operating the first female franchise. Marsha hopes that this will achieve more collaborative working than has been seen often before, and a new approach to franchising would allow women to work together, share best practice and support one another.

The approach of The Number Hub team will undoubtedly continue to pave the way for women in business across Wales. You can hear Marsha talk about the benefits her FSB membership has provided in our Member Stories video