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13 October 2017

Happy National Start-Ups Day!

Today (13 October) is National Start-Ups Day. The UK’s thriving start-up scene led us atphotography start-up FSB to establish a new type membership category earlier this year. This came as 10 per cent of adults said they planned to start their own business in 2017.

The UK has always been a hub of innovators, risk takers, and business savvy leaders. It has more entrepreneurs that any other European country. In 2016, there were over 581,000 new business start-ups.

More people than ever view starting a business as a positive career choice. FSB Business Creation has been developed to meet the needs of the many types of potential business owner.

There are people who want to start their own business alongside existing employment; those who want a business that works in harmony with other life commitments, such as caring for family members; those who, after having spent countless years in employment, feel excited about the prospect of becoming their own boss in the later years of life; those who have a hobby or passion who would love to turn that into a profitable and sustainable business; and those who want to make the biggest global impact from the onset and are dedicated to accelerated, international growth.

By becoming part of FSB Business Creation, new entrepreneurs will have available to them the expertise and benefits that come with belonging to the UK’s biggest and most respected business organisation, as well a range of practical benefits and business solutions from company formation to access to business advisors.

FSB is searching for the UK's best start-ups of the year to recognise them with both an area and national FSB Celebrating Small Business Award 2018. Find out more at