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03 October 2017

Five awesome reasons to enter business awards

Blogs FSB’s Dave Stallon: FSB Awards

Your business can benefit hugely from winning an industry award. Even being shortlisted as an area or national finalist creates added value for your business and its brand. Here are five reasons why you should enter business awards:

  1. Reputation

    Winning or being a finalist for a credible and highly regarded business award enhances your business’ reputation amongst stakeholders including suppliers, customers and the community. You can display your award status as a badge on your emails and website.

  2. Team talent & motivation

    It’s a huge boost to the morale of your employees if you’re shortlisted for, or win, a recognised business award. It brings a sense of pride and a renewed commitment to the company. It’s also a great way to attract strong new talent.

  3. Media coverage

    It’s a great news story. You can tell the local, and industry, media about your achievement to get coverage in newspapers and the broadcast media. If you win a national award you could benefit from national press coverage too.

  4. Social media profile

    We all know how crucial having fresh, engaging and newsworthy content on our social media channels is. Entering business awards gives you a ready-made social media campaign, from announcing that you’re applying, through to the award ceremonies. Remember to include photos where you can, and use the official awards hashtag to reach a wider audience - FSB has over 55,000 followers on Twitter alone.

  5. New connections
    Award ceremonies provide a fantastic opportunity to create new face-to-face business contacts, both regionally and nationally. Networking at a prestigious event like this is really enjoyable as well as useful.

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    Dave Stallon is FSB's operations and commercial director and a small business owner.