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23 February 2017


FSB backs next stage of apprenticeship campaign

main-image-no-CTAToday the Government has launched the next stage in their campaign to promote apprenticeships. This time the focus is on business and FSB is backing this campaign! This has included the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills Robert Halfon drafting a blog exclusively for First Voice encouraging more small businesses to hire an apprentice. Read the blog here - Why every SME should recruit apprentices . FSB National Chairman Mike Cherry was also quoted this morning in DFEs press release- DfE encourages more businesses to offer apprenticeships

We believe apprenticeships – paid jobs that incorporate on and off the job training – are an effective way of preserving important skills, transferring knowledge and keeping key trades and professions alive. Recruiting an apprentice also makes good business sense, which is why a quarter (24%) of our members currently have at least one in their business and a further 24 per cent are considering employing an apprentice in the future.

We’re working with the Government to ensure that the new system will provide small businesses with an equitable, financially viable and straight-forward way to take on apprentices.

Watch a video below from Apprenticeships and Skills Chair Anthony Impey on the benefits of having an apprentice. 

See how FSB have campaigned on this issue