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15 June 2016

#FSBEURef- Read, Listen, Watch and Vote

EU Social MediaFSB has been supporting members throughout the EU referendum campaign by pushing for clear and independent information from both campaign groups, Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave. We have provided this information in an EU referendum dossier, a series of podcasts and the videos of our #FSBEURef debate held on 13 June. FSB will not tell our members on how to vote, but do now encourage our members to Read, Listen and Watch all our materials to help them get informed before 23 June. We also urge our members to ensure the voice of smaller firms is heard and Vote.

  • Read- FSBs EU referendum dossier, which includes a list of the top ten small business questions, the campaign responses and Full Facts review of these answers. 

  • Listen- FSB launched a series of six EU referendum podcasts. These podcasts included one for each of the Devolved nations and grouped England into three areas, addressing specific issues and concerns our members felt.

  • Watch- FSB held our #FSBEUref debate on 13 June in QEII centre with leading political and business representatives.  The line-up of speakers included John Longworth and Kwasi Kwarteng from Vote Leave, and Chuka Umunna and Richard Reed from Britain Stronger in Europe. The debate was moderated by BBC presenter Polly Evans.
  • Vote- Ensure the small business is heard and vote on Thursday 23 June 2016. 

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