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14 April 2016

FSB EU Referendum Debate

As the EU Referendum Campaigns are now in place, we are calling on both groups to respond to the key questions our members have told us they want answered before 23 June. Small business owners will be a crucial swing group in this referendum with 42 per cent of FSB members saying their vote could still be swayed. It’s vital that both campaigns provide the answers small businesses owners need, in order to make the right choice for them and their businesses.

FSB EU referendum debate

For this reason, FSB has invited representatives from both campaigns to participate in a series of FSB EU referendum podcasts, which will be promoted throughout May to ensure smaller firms get the clarity they need. The podcasts will lead up to a FSB EU referendum national debate which will take place in London on 13 June. This debate will feature high profile speakers from both of the official campaigns and will further explore the issues facing smaller firms.

There is no status quo - whatever the result, the decision on 23 June will see changes. Small business owners want to know more about what these mean for their business. FSB will continue to champion the voice of UKs 5.4 million small businesses and call for the clarity and information they need to make an informed decision.