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26 February 2016

FSB urges Allerdale Councillors to rethink parking plans

The Federation of Small Businesses is asking Allerdale Council to cancel its proposed new parking fees structure which it believes will severely undermine the local economy.

FSB and its members responded to the Council’s consultation on the proposed changes, clearly highlighting the impact it is felt will follow.

FSB’s response to the consultation warned Councillors that parking policy should be about traffic management and supporting the respective town centres, and that due to the scale of the rise, revenues from car parking could actually fall.

FSB Regional Chairman Gary Lovatt said:

“Our concerns from day one with these proposals were that they were focused on raising revenue from hard-pressed businesses and their customers.  

The consultation seems to have been a box-ticking exercise as the majority of people engaging with the Council stated that they believed it would have a negative impact. Tweaking the plans by reducing charges by ten pence here and there and amending the charging times will not reassure people that they are being listened to by their elected representatives.

Allerdale Councillors can still salvage this by holding their hands up and admitting that they got it wrong.  After the damage done from the floods we need more than ever to be supporting our businesses, most of which are small firms, to get back to normal and continue to be the suppliers of jobs in their communities.”


Paul Foster, FSB Development Manager (Lancashire & Cumbria) 07917 628909 
Gary Lovatt, FSB Regional Chairman (Lancashire & Cumbria) 07973 376853

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