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Big Voice is a free to join, online community for our members. By commenting or responding to one of our surveys, members give us the evidence we need to take to politicians at all levels, across the UK and in Brussels. This evidence is used to support our lobbying and help shape the laws affecting small businesses.

We’ve commissioned Verve, an independent market research company, to undertake our Big Voice polls, surveys and discussions. Verve also manage our online community.

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Welcoming Communities
Report Mon, 15 August 2022

Welcoming Communities

Developing tourism in Wales

Paying  a premium?
Report Tue, 19 July 2022

Paying a premium?

Reforming the insurance market to work for small firms.

Navigating the COVID-19 Regulatory Landscape
Report Mon, 27 June 2022

Navigating the COVID-19 Regulatory Landscape

How small businesses experienced regulations in a crisis