FSB Care

Your health and wellbeing is important. If the worst should happen and you become unwell with a serious physical or mental health condition, we offer free access to a personal nurse , an experienced Registered Mental or General Nurse.


What are the key features?

Rest assured that if you ever need them, a personal nurse will be on-hand.

Your dedicated nurse will provide long-term practical advice and emotional support with any long-term health condition, disability or if you are bereaved. The same nurse will keep in touch with you regularly and when appropriate will provide:

  • Help in navigating the NHS and other health related services
  • Literature and resources related to the health condition
  • Signposting to charities and local support groups
  • Research on behalf of the patient to help understand treatment options
  • A course of face-to-face therapy, counselling, second medical opinion, practical help at home*
  • Or simply just a listening ear

Want to know what to expect when you call FSB Care? You'll find more information at the FSB Care website, or for a personal insight, take a look at the ‘Day in the Life’ of one of the FSB Care nurses.

What are the benefits?

FSB Care is free of charge to our members, reassurance when you need it and at no cost.

* Limited to a total cost of £250 per health condition (not annual).

Employees or family members can be added for a one-off fee of £250, which provides individual access to the Support and Advice of a personal nurse for up to 3 years (excludes external services).