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Cyber Protection is included with FSB Business Essentials Membership

Cyber Protection Cover from FSB

Small businesses like yours need to adapt to the ever present and increasing threat that comes from unscrupulous hackers and online criminals. Whilst there are many things that you can do to try to prevent such attacks, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and so both you and your business need protection to avoid these attacks and to help you should the unthinkable happen.

Imagine your customer data gets into someone else’s hands, or your own system is affected meaning you can’t do business. Putting things right needs expert help, which can be time consuming and expensive. Introducing FSB Cyber Protection – included with FSB Business Essentials membership which starts from just £172.50* in the first year.

Key Benefits of our inclusive Cyber Cover at no extra cost to you:

  • Unlimited use of the FSB Data and Cyber Advice Line manned by cyber security experts
  • Easy access to online information on a variety of data and cyber security matters such as ‘how to respond to a ransomware attack’ and ‘what to do if a laptop is stolen’ along with security policy templates and guidelines
  • Up to £10,000 cover for third party claims - covers your legal liability for damages and costs following a claim brought against you for a cyber attack, data breach or e-media issues such as libel, slander and defamation
  • Up to £5,000 for first party claims – covers your own losses following a cyber attack or data breach

FSB Business Essentials Membership means more than just Cyber Protection


From day one of your membership you'll have automatic access to the below benefits. Details of how to access each one will be sent in your FSB welcome pack.

  • Employment Protection. Our employment law advice service is here to make your life easier with important information and guidance on employment legislation in the UK. As a member you will have on-demand employment legal advice, access to online legal documents and insurance protection, should you be taken to an employment tribunal, with cover up to £100,000 per claim. 

  • Tax Investigation Protection. Members have automatic access to our free tax advice helpline (IR35 legislation covered) and tax investigation insurance – protecting you if you’re selected for an HMRC investigation. Former tax Inspectors will represent you during any HMRC investigation who will liaise directly with your accountant as necessary.

  • Health and Safety Service. Access to the latest information on health and safety in the workplace, regularly updated by industry experts. You will be able to talk to industry experts through our advice line and benefit from the latest online training modules. 

  • Online Legal Documents. When you need online legal information, we’re the reliable source for factsheets and legal documents. Our one-stop-shop has over 200 factsheets and in excess of 500 legal documents to choose from, covering all the key legal, personnel, tax and health and safety issues that you might encounter when setting up and running your business.

  • FSB Resources. All FSB members have access to a login only FSB Resources section with factsheets, general business information and helpful guides for a range of industries.

  • FSB Business Banking. Specially designed to meet all your day-to-day needs, FSB Business Banking provided by The Co-operative Bank, lets you focus on the most important thing to you, your business.

  • FSB Insurance Service. FSB Insurance is the ‘go-to’ Insurance Broker for FSB members. Over the last 20 years, thousands of members have had their business insurance needs met.

  • Access to FSB Networking. You can attend events exclusively for FSB members all across the UK. Many events are free to attend and provide a fantastic platform for getting your business noticed.

  • FSB PR/Crisis Management. Our PR / Crisis Management advice service is here to make your life easier with important information and guidance from a public relations expert who can assist you in handling a crisis.

  • Lobbying on your behalf. We have been representing the interests of small businesses since 1974 and lobby at all levels of government from Westminster and Brussels. 

  • FSB Business Profiling. Every day, people use data to make decisions that affect your business. See what they see, in one place and get recommendations on how to improve key business metrics.

  • FSB Care. If the worst should happen and you’re diagnosed with a serious health condition, including stress or depression, we offer free access to a personal nurse adviser. They’ll provide you with practical information and emotional support.

  • FSB Cyber Protection. When it comes to cyber risk, FSB Cyber Protection is more important than ever with attacks and security breaches increasing in frequency and sophistication. FSB Cyber Protection gives you access to both a helpline and limited insurance, designed to support and protect your business at no extra cost.

  • FSB Magazine - First Voice. Every quarter you'll receive a printed copy of First Voice, the official magazine of FSB. With news, features and member stories from across the country it's a must read for members.  

 How much does FSB Business Essentials membership cost?

FSB Business Essentials membership costs as little as £142.50 per year plus a one-off £30 registration fee. The cost of your annual subscription will depend on how many employees you have and as the membership is personal, not business specific, it can be used with any businesses you're involved in.

Upon signing up you'll be sent your FSB welcome pack with information about how to access FSB's services, a digital or printed certificate for you to display, an FSB Member sticker and information on how to access FSB's website.

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Join FSB today

Our most popular package is FSB Business Essentials which includes a whole range of benefits and products designed to make your business fly. Join today from as little as £142.50 per year with a one-off £30 joining fee.

*Membership starts at £142.50 per annum for businesses with no employees, with a £30 registration fee payable for the first year only.