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FSB Volunteer Elections 2018

Get involved and help shape the future of FSB #BeMoreFSB 

Election Update 

Details of the candidates for National Volunteer Offices can be found below. The online ballot of the membership takes place in March 2019.

FSB Needs You. Volunteer and #BeMoreFSB

Volunteer Elections Information Pack

Download our quick start guide to learn more about the election process as it has changed this year. Please note that full information can be found in the ‘Office Holder Descriptions and Supporting Documents’ page and also in our list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

FSB Election Key Dates

  • 1 October - 21 October 2018 - Nominations open online, for both local and national volunteer opportunities
  • 22 October – 11 November 2018 – Verification of local candidates (to include a check on membership status)
  • October/November and December 2018 – Verification and validation of the volunteers nominated for Director offices
  • 12 November – 3 December 2018 – Online ballot of the membership for successfully verified volunteer candidates for local opportunities
  • December 2018 – Successfully elected local member leaders announced
  • January 2019 – Successfully verified and validated candidates for the office of Non-Operational Director are formally nominated by National Council
  • March 2019 – Online ballot of the membership takes place for successfully verified and validated volunteers for director opportunities
  • April 2019 – Announcement of the election outcome for directors at the AGM