We would like to invite you to our popular fortnightly informal networking event. It's a great opportunity to network, meet new people and ask each other questions in a relaxed setting.

Event details

The event will be hosted by one of our team of membership advisors and the topic of conversation is always open to discussion!  Support and advice is on hand, as is the opportunity to share your experience and expertise with other small business owners locally. 

Our Guest Speaker for this session will be Chris from Bnode Ltd on Ethical Web Development. 

What are the benefits of Ethical Web Development?

Not only is it ‘the right thing to do’, but there are so many benefits of inclusion and being ethically minded as a business. Chris will explain the importance of companies being seen as inclusive and considerate of the environment within their digital assets and operations and also some of the benefits that these provide, on top of it being 'the right thing to do'.

With over 20 years working within the digital industry, initially providing hands-on web development, SEO and PPC marketing, to recently working at directorship level for a successful Manchester based agency, something still didn’t seem ‘right’ for Chris...  Something was ‘missing’... 

After much consideration, the concept for Bnode Ltd was staring him right in the face; support businesses in the current complex digital landscape whilst supporting their goals to be morally and ethically oriented organisations. Such is the pace of ethical, eco-friendly business practices that he saw an opportunity to develop and support businesses with strategic digital marketing activities that at all points considers its wider impact on the local, national and global environment and provides strong ethical values of accessibility which have been sadly overlooked for many years.

Chris is now 'using his super powers for good'.

Join us to find out more.

We will also give a brief FSB local update and you will also have ample time to network in a relaxed atmosphere with other attendees and also in smaller groups in breakout rooms.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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