Join us for a virtual networking session. No travelling, no finding a parking space just lots of mutual support from our small business community. This month find out about the 5 easy ways that you can put in place to improve you own health!

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Hosted by FSB Member and small business owner Carol Jackson-Doerge. Carol would like to invite you to bring along a tea or coffee and enjoy getting to know one another over business discussions. During each event we will present our regular FSB local update, ensuring you get the most from your membership, and then a chance to freely network with other business owners online and via the chat rooms.

This month we will be joined by guest presenter Neil D'Silva from i-Nutrition, a qualified nutritionist and type 2 Diabetes specialist. As business owners we expend efforts to keep our businesses in good health, but often pay little attention to our own health. As a result, we are not always functioning as well as we could do – and if we are not at our best, then how can we give our best to our business?

Join Neil as he gives you 5 easy ways that you can put in place to improve you own health, and educates you about the basics of what is fast becoming one of the biggest global killers, Type 2 Diabetes. At the end of the session, you will have 5 easy strategies to put in to place, plus you will know how to spot the symptoms of undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes. Remember – A healthier ‘you’ often results in a healthier business.”

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