As a business owner you know that your staff are your most important asset and ensuring your workforce is fit and well – including their mental health - has never been more important

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Dealing sensitively with staff illness and long-term absence has always been a challenge for smaller businesses lacking the HR support and protections larger firms enjoy. And while an upset stomach or the sniffles is one thing, when the illness is not ‘physical’ but mental, it can seem a far more thorny subject for businesses to approach.

Join FSB for this virtual session with a panel of mental health experts looking at the common types of issues employees present with, how managers and team leaders should handle the situation sensitively, and look at the measures firms can take to make mental health less of a taboo subject in the workplace to start with.

Following the devastation of coronavirus, nobody really knows how the nation’s collective mental health will cope with the increased stresses and strains of life, so while we can only second guess that this will be more of an issues tomorrow, now’s the time to prepare. 

This session will help you as a business to:

  • Encourage you and your staff to look after their mental well-being
  • Show you where and how to access advice and guidance specifically for employers on mental health issues
  • Encourage your team to talk about ‘issues’ before they become full blown ‘problems’
  • How to prevent staff from going on long term sick leave
  • How to start conversations about mental health
  • Warning signs for managers to look out for 
  • Common issues faced by employers

On the panel we have: 

Chris Minogue, from Greater Manchester’s Working Well programme

Christine Husbands, Managing Director at RedArc who provide FSB Care for members

Jason Bromley, Senior Manager, Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind

Chrissie Gibson, Deputy Director, Stockport & District Samaritans

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